Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Classic Easter Commercials 2011 Edition

What, Easter already? Actually, it's not until April 24th, but as I'll be away for awhile on a family trip to Walt Disney World, I won't be posting much later in teh month. Therefore, I'm showcasing this year's Easter stuff a couple weeks early. As usual when starting holiday programming, I'll kick things off with some classic TV commercials.

And what a surprise, a Carvel ice cream cake commercial, this time featuring Cookie Chick.

Everyone loves the Cadbury creme egg Easter Bunny, so why would anyone want to replace him?

Lastly, here are three spots for the Dudley line of Easter egg dyeing kits. They haven't advertised on TV for ages, but back in the day they were all over TV around Easter time. These kits were very involving, with a whole line of characters (garishly designed) and came with many gizmos and gadgets. Wow, seeing the costumed characters after all this time, I see they were even goofier looking than I remember. Ah, the late 70s/early 80s!

I used to have a Bosley Bunny hand puppet!

Go dye some Easter eggs!

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