Thursday, April 28, 2011

Elmer Lynn Hauldren, 1922-2011

Who is Elmer Lynn Hauldren?  He's this guy.

Yep, he's the Empire Carpet guy. His grandfatherly voice and gentle style have made him famous as the spokesman for Empire Carpet. The business started in Chicago and spread nationwide. Sadly, Hauldren died this past Tuesday at the age of 89. Certianly he will be remembered as an advertising icon much like Mr. Whipple or Madge the Palmolive lady. RIP.

UPDATE AS OF 7/22/2011: I've been contacted by the Empire Today carpet company and been informed that they have created a special tribute Web site in honor of Mr. Hauldren.  Please go to to learn more about him and hear their famous commercial jingle--which was written by Hauldren himself!  Special thanks to Empire Today for letting me know about this and for appreciating my tribute!


Lady J said...

Awww! :-( Somehow, I always thought his last name was Empire. I'm glad you posted this so I could see his actual name.

I also had no idea Empire Carpet was so popular. The commercials always looked like they were something done locally (and inexpensively).

Phillyradiogeek said...

I also thought Empire was a local company (in my case, Philadelphia). I only recently learned they were national.

Thanks for reading!

Lunettes de soleil Tom Ford said...

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