Thursday, May 10, 2012

List O' Links for 5/11/2012

Before you begin your weekend festivities, take a look at the Internet offerings I have for you this week!

This author writes a good overview of the career of Michael Nesmith both pre- and post-Monkees. I considered featuring Nesmith's Elephant Parts as a Tuesday's Forgotten TV selection, but this author does just as good a job as I could have done describing it, so here 'tis.

This New York Times article explains the bitter dispute between the co-CEOs of Archie Comics for control of the company. Unfortunate, especially since the comics have been experiencing a creative hot streak the last couple of years.

Scottish artist Paul Cadden is such an amazing artist, his work looks like actual photographs rather than drawings!

Finally, what do you get when you cross late comedian Dick Shawn, two Second City alums, and Rowlf the Dog of the Muppets? This.

Have a great weekend!

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