Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Tuesday's Forgotten TV: American Bandstand's 30th Anniversary Special, Part 1

I'm very late on noting the passing of Dick Clark, one of the most famous entrepreneurs of broadcasting of all time. As a broadcasting geek, he's always been an icon that I've been fascinated by and of whom I wanted to know more. Years ago I purchased a copy of his 1976 biography Rock, Roll, and Remember, now out of print, which I started (twice) but have yet to finish. Upon his death, I loaned from my public library the 1997 book American Bandstand: Dick Clark and the Making of a Rock 'N' Roll Empire by John A. Jackson. I'm in the middle of the book now and hope to write a review for the blog once I'm finished.

It's easy for me to have an affinity for American Bandstand for several reasons. One, I love oldies and the first decade of rock 'n' roll. Two, I grew up in South Philadelphia, ground zero for American Bandstand and the era's biggest music stars and producers.

If you enjoy the era and the music as much as I do, please enjoy this, a primetime, 3-hour special that aired in 1982 commemorating the show's 30th anniversary. It's not practical to post all 3 hours in one article, so I'll split it up. Consider this part 1. Enjoy!


Anonymous said...

I wonder if this is available anywhere in a decent sized and audio version? Certainly not on Netflix.

Anonymous said...

OK, I see it's on Amazon, several discs, for just under $60. Whoa. Maybe when I win the lottery...

Phillyradiogeek said...

Yeah Rich, I don't think Dick Clark Productions needs our money that badly :)


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