Friday, May 17, 2013

List O' Links for Friday, May 17th, 2013

Welcome to the weekend, everyone! Enjoy this fine spring weekend with the following fun links.

The broadcast TV networks announced their Fall 2013 schedules this week. TV GUIDE has a handy grid displaying all the schedules here.

Long before the days of Instragram and Flickr, you had to go the extra mile to have your pictures made available to show the world, or at least your social media friends. Such a task may have included a visit to your local Fotomat. You could even rent your favorite movies on VHS there!

Google is implementing improvements to its social media service Google+. Will these changes boost usage of the not-nearly-as-popular-as-Facebook service? We'll see. I have my own page on Google+ and do check it frequently, so if you are a member, feel free to include me in your circles!

Retro-blogger Dinosaur Dracula wrote an article about the cool finds he bought at a Goodwill store--which just happens to be my local Goodwill store!

This should be my theme song--I'm White, I'm Alright.

Finally, Iron Man 3 made boo-koo bucks at the box office in its two weeks of release. Here are 11 things you might not have known about the first Iron Man film.

Have a great weekend!


Todd Mason said...

It's never been more necessary to write/say: "The larger US commercial broadcasting networks." Even if Ion and Cozi don't do much original programming, they do offer some...I think even MyNetworkTV has had some in the last year...and PBS has such little-sibling nets as MHz Worldview, Create and the World Channel with affiliates around the country...

Meanwhile, "I'm White..." does remind me of how ridiculous some of the actually racist bands sounded as they appropriated funk riffs, etc.

Phillyradiogeek said...

I forgot all about Ion. How ironic.

There's something about the phrase "I'm White, I'm Alright" that really made me chuckle.

Todd Mason said...

No Ionic columns on your Pax on any of your houses!

Though in some weeks of late, Ion beats the CW for total viewers, and presumably MNT as well. And all with only one new-episodes (Canadian coproduction) series on the slate, FLASHPOINT (not counting the religious programming that pays its way onto the network).


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