Friday, May 3, 2013

List O' Links for Friday, May 3rd, 2013--Free Comic Book Day Edition!

Hey everybody! For those waiting for part 2 of my Summer Movie Preview, I promise it's on its way. Things  got quite busy this week. However, I couldn't let the week go by without acknowledging that TOMORROW IS FREE COMIC BOOK DAY!! I look forward to this day right after the previous year's event is over. This is the day for comic geeks to get some cool free books and for newcomers to comics to try them out. In honor of this great event, all of this week's links are dedicated to comics in some way. Of course, at this blog, it may not seem different from any other week. To the Batpoles!

Here is the official site for Free Comic Book Day. This will tell you all you need to know about the event and what comics are available.

Don't know where your nearest comic shop is? Fear not! Comic Shop Locator will help you out!

If you're not big on having stacks of paper comics cluttering your house, apartment, car, or other domicile, comics are now available digitally for your computer, tablet, or Smartphone! The biggest digital comic outlets are Comixology, Comics Plus, Dark Horse Comics, and My Digital Comics. Log on and download away!

Shawn Robare discusses his affection for the X-Men at Branded in the 80s.

Do you like Spider-Man? Do you like stamps? Collect Spidey Stamps!

If you're a fan of the Walking Dead TV series, give the comic series a try. And if you'll allow me a shameless plus, visit my Walking Dead-based Twitter feed Zombie Sophia. You can hear a zombie girl say funny things on the Internet!

Finally, actor Wil Wheaton has become a public apologist for nerd culture. Here, Wheaton explains at the recent Calgary Expo 2013 why being a nerd is awesome.

If you do take part in Free Comic Book Day, please remember that, although the selected books are free to the consumer, they are NOT free for the retailer--they still have to pay for all of those books. Please do not just take the free comics and leave. Do your kind comics retailer a favor and pick up a few comics/toys/statues/etc. for sale. Along with the free books, stores also offer great deals on regular merchandise.Free Comic Book Day isn't just about the free comics--it's about getting the public to appreciate and enjoy the entire comics culture. I urge you--go to your local shop, get some free comics, and buy some great stuff. There are items for all ages and tastes.

Have a great weekend! Read some comics!

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