Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Tuesday's Overlooked: I Got Nothin'

I'm afraid the title says it all. The Overlooked well is running dry this week, and I'm sorry about that. I do, however, encourage you to check out Overlooked treasures of the past by clicking on the Tuesday's Forgotten keyword in the "May I Help You Find Something" section along the right of the blog. I really need to update that label, as I no longer call the feature "Forgotten." Still, you'll find some goodies there you may have missed previously.

As for the future, I have some good news there.

As you may know, the Countdown to Halloween starts next week! My Overlooked selections will reflect that, as they are all horror-related, or at least connected to the spooky and weird in some way or another. There are five Tuesday's this October, so I've already selected five fun films.

As I was thinking of them this morning, I realized that, purely by coincidence, the selections I've made, while still spooky-related, also have strong elements of comedy to them. Also, two of the five films have the same director.

Oooh, teasers!

I hope you'll stay with me as we look at creepy (sort of) Overlooked films all through October. Thanks!

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