Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Mighty Mouse Meets Jekyll and Hyde Cat

It's time for another cartoon in the Countdown. In the tradition of "Frankenstein's Cat," today I present another feline felon, Jekyll and Hyde Cat, facing off against the world's most heroic rodent, Mighty Mouse. Enjoy!

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Paul B said...

As a “baby-boomer” Mighty Mouse was one of the first cartoons broadcast on Saturday morning television. The Jekyll and Hyde cartoon had, and IMHO still has, some of the scariest scenes in animation. After taking the poisonous potion, the cat’s paws (hands?) grow into hideous talons, his face becomes the look of pure evil, including a long forked tongue, and his upper torso grows enormously muscular. Truly a frightening figure. After the hero, Mighty Mouse, arrives and beats the crap out of the demon cat, throwing him into the laboratory table, we witness the ultimate death of the villain as a growing fire surrounds him, causing the entire building to explode into the sky and burst like a 4th of July firework. Aside from a few Disney features, this was a rare instance where a cartoon character actually appeared to die. Of all the Mighty Mouse cartoons, this is unquestionably my favorite.


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