Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Vincent Price and Elvira on The Tonight Show, Halloween Night 1984

Today is, of all things, TV Talk Show Host Day, a day set aside to to honor--well, TV talk show hosts. I have no idea who created this, but at least they chose a fitful day; October 23rd is the birthday of Johnny Carson. However, the day is meant to honor all talk hosts, not just Carson. This gives me the opportunity to feature today's clip that I discovered just a week or two ago.

Here is a nearly 20-minute clip from The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson from Halloween night 1984. David Brenner is guest hosting for Johnny, but his guests are two people perfect for Halloween conversation--Vincent Price and Elvira. TV nostalgia at its finest!



Caffeinated Joe said...

That was amazingly fun! Love that Vincent recited the entire poem, and so well. And Elvira is always on, isn't she? Just great fun. Thank you!

Phillyradiogeek said...

She really puts on the Valley Girl accent thick! She stills does her thing today--and still looks great.


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