Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Thanksgiving Cornucopia: Leftovers Edition

Hello everyone! Here we are, about to start the best time of the year in my opinion, the holiday season! Usually by this time, I've served ample helpings of fun Thanksgiving programs to you, but personal and work responsibilities have kept me from doing that this year. Better luck next year, I hope!

However, after looking over Thanksgivings past, I see that there's some good stuff that you may have missed if you're a new reader. So why not serve some "leftovers" from the past for your enjoyment today?

Here is last year's tasty cornucopia.

The fun and forgotten animated specials B.C.: The First Thanksgiving  and Please Don't Eat The Planet: An Intergalactic Thanksgiving.

The educational Peanuts presentation of "The Mayflower Voyagers."

A "dramatization" of Thanksgiving from the turkeys' point of view, courtesy of Saturday Night Live.

Finally, one of my favorite Thanksgiving posts ever, a look at one family's Thanksgiving tradition discovered "On The Road with Charles Kuralt."

I wish all of you a healthy, safe, and Happy Thanksgiving! And also, Happy Chanukah!

But wait, what's this?

YAAAAAAAAY! CHRISTMAAAAAAAAAS! I love it! Get ready to ride Santa's sleigh all this month. Happy Holidays!

1 comment:

Todd Mason said...

Brian, if only you could work up some enthusiasm for holiday traditions...goodness, where's your spirit, man?


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