Thursday, December 5, 2013

Inspector Gadget Saves Christmas

Ho ho ho! Hello one and all to the holiday season at Me and You! I am beyond sorry that I haven't posted until now, but once again, Real Life rears its demanding head. But I don't want to put things off any longer. I'm getting started on spreading Internet Christmas cheer right now with this, the 1992 special Inspector Gadget Saves Christmas.

This time, the good Inspector is given his biggest task ever--save Christmas from that most terrible of grinches, Doctor Claw! Claw takes Santa's place and uses his workshop to create lousy toys and ruin Santa's reputation. Assisted (unbeknownst to him) by niece Penny and trusty dog Brain, Gadget makes his moves to stop Claw and rescue Santa!

The special aired on NBC December 4th, 1992. Here it is in its entirety. Enjoy!

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