Monday, December 16, 2013

Classic Christmas TV Commercials 2013

This is the last full week before Christmas Day. That fact both thrills me and terrifies me--I still have shopping to do! Maybe some of these classic Christmas TV commercials will inspire me to find the right gifts.

You can always count on Hallmark for a great commercial--and a tear in your eye.

Rush over to K-Mart and pick up these "timely" music releases for the people on your Christmas list!

Yes, you too can give the gift of the Burger King that everyone is creeped out by!

Aw, I want the Flintstones Crazy Loco from Woolworth and Woolco!

Let yourself be creeped out again, this time by toys come to like to promote the Kodak Disk camera.

Finally, raise a mug of hot chocolate to the holidays--a cup of Nestle hot chocolate!

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