Thursday, September 18, 2014

I Tumblr for Ya!

Hello all. Although I've been using Blogger since 2007, I'm certainly not averse to new Internet avenues. Therefore, I want to make you aware that I am now on blogging site Tumblr and have been for several months. My site is called Me and You Too (because it's like a sequel to this site, but I'm using the different Too and not Two, because it's like "Hey, it's me, and it's you also," see?) and you can see it here. You can also see recent post links to my Tumblr site along the right side of this blog, if you haven't noticed already.

Most of what I post there are simple images or video embeds rather than long form articles you see here. I also share material there I post on Facebook and Twitter. That's the nice thing about Tumblr; it has the capacity for full blogging while also having social media functionality.

I meant to announce it's presence here awhile ago, but better late than never. Plus, with the Countdown to Halloween fast approaching, I wanted to mention the site as it will also be taking part in the Countdown. Of course, I will always link articles posted on Blogger on the Tumblr site as well.

To recap, you can find the Me and You Network all over the Web!









Caffeinated Joe said...

Cool :)

I have drifted mainly over to tumblr. Not sure if I will post on blogger again, but for the time being, I am just out of ideas there.

Off to follow! :)

Phillyradiogeek said...

Thanks Joe! I follow several of your Tumblr sites :)


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