Friday, September 5, 2014

List O' Links for Friday, September 5th, 2014

For the first time in a long time, I'm posting a List O' Links to round out the week. I hope you find these links as entertaining as I do!

Sticking with the Back to School theme this week, the retro 70s site Plaid Stallions showcases a sampling of back to school attire from the polyester decade. As bad as 70s fashion often looks, I kind of wish people still dressed like this!

If you're a fan of animation like I am, you've no doubt heard of the legendary Don Bluth, the former Disney animator who broke out on his own. Learn more about his story here thanks to the Onion AV Club.

Now that it's September, General Mills is once again offering its Monster Cereals for the adoring public. This year, Frankenberry, Chocula, and Booberry get redesigns from top DC Comics artists Jim Lee, Terry and Rachel Dobson, and Dave Johnson. Take a look!

One of my favorite video games growing up in the 80s was the Activision classic Kaboom! Thanks to modern technology, I can play it again online (even though I have two Atari 2600s at home). You can play too!

Finally, this link is almost a good year old, but still worth checking out: amazing Jaws-themed alternative art. As is the shark movie Jaws. Not artwork about human jaws. Because unless you're a dentist, that would be boring. And even if you are a dentist, that might be boring.

Have a great weekend!

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