Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Animated Easter Goodness

Time again for another Easter post. This time, I have two great cartoon shorts from the studios that defined the genre, although their styles couldn't be more different.

First, a delightful Walt Disney classic, "Funny Little Bunnies." Disney cartoons, especially those of this ilk, were the epitome of warmth, sweetness, and charm.

On the other hand, you had Warner Brothers. Not warm, not sweet, and a charm that was more like that of a snake oil salesman--and that's what was so great about them! It's been said that Disney cartoons make you smile, but Warners Bros. cartoons make you laugh, and I couldn't agree more. This hilarious example, "Easter Yeggs," was often quoted by my high school classmates around this time of year: "I wanna Easter egg, I wanna Easter egg, I wanna Easter egg!"

UPDATE AS OF 4/6/2011: I'm afraid the cartoon is no longer available YouTube or similar sites. Collections of all the great Warner Bros. cartoons are available on DVD from many retailers.

I'll see you again this Friday the 14th, a date I hope will bring good luck, as we'll take a break from Easter to kick off St. Patrick's Day weekend. See you then!

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Ladytink_534 said...

Funny Little Bunnies is one of my favorite Disney Silly Symphonies! So is Water Babies. You can't get any different than Warner Brothers and the Silly Symphonies that's for sure!!! I still love that Cwazy Wabbit though!


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