Sunday, March 30, 2008

Talkin' Baseball, Part 2

Welcome back for more baseball fun, this time in animated form.

Starting off the lineup, here is Bugs Bunny with his hilarious hardball film, "Baseball Bugs."

Next at bat, a tutorial for the game, demonstrated by none other than Disney's Goofy, in "How to Play Baseball."

In the on-deck circle is the famous Casey of "Casey at the Bat."

Finally, in the clean-up spot, are Casey's nine daughters, just enough for their own team.

I hope your home team wins on opening day (unless your team is the Washington Nationals, in which case I hope my Phightin' Phils are victorious). See you again on Tuesday, when I'll offer up some April Fools' Day practical jokes (but not on you, dear readers, I love ya too much).


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