Tuesday, March 25, 2008

MP3 Player Help

Here at the Me and You blog, I strongly encourage interactivity. I stress the Me and You part of the title. Your feedback is very important to me, especially now, as I'd like your help with something.

I need a new mp3 player, really bad. My current one, the Zen Micro by Creative, is over two years old, the headphone jack is wobbly and needs a lot of manipulation to send the audio signal through both left and right channels correctly, and the removable battery has been playing a lot of tricks on me lately.

I had a chance to take advantage of the extended warranty on my current player, and could very likely have gotten a new one free of charge, but when I checked on the warranty's status back in September, it had expired--by three weeks. Doh!

Since then, I've been trying to suffer through the jack difficulties. But now that the battery barely works anymore, I have to suck it up and shell out the cash for a new player. Fortunately, I've amassed a few Best Buy gift certificates to help ease the financial pain. If Creative made my current model, I'd simply get an identical one, but they discontinued this model some time ago.

Here is where you come in. Most of you out there are very likely far more adept at technological stuff than I am. I'd like mp3 player recommendations from you. I do, however, have some criteria:

1) The player must have an FM tuner. My handle is phillyradiogeek, after all.

2) I'd like no less than 4 GB, but no more than 8 GB (my current one has 5 GB, a strange amount compared to most players on the market today).

3) I do NOT need one that plays video, as I'm only interested in music playback, although video playback seems to be standard anymore.

4) Preferably, I'd like one that has a removable battery rather than an integrated one, which automatically eliminates iPod (I insist on an iPod alternative anyway). Integrated batteries also seem to be the norm as well though.

5) If possible, I'd like one that plays wav files, although that is not mandatory (I just have a lot of wavs I like).

I've already started researching some players on CNet.com. So far the most likely candidates are the Creative Zen V Plus (I like my previous product from them, so I have some built-in trust there) and the IRiver Clix (although it's quite a bit pricier than I hoped to spend). But I'd like to put the question out to you, my loyal readers. If you know of a good player that at least comes close to my preferences, please leave a comment. I can't promise you I'll buy the one you choose, but I would love some educated counsel before settling on my next player. I really appreciate your help with this. Thanks!

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