Sunday, July 6, 2008

Hair Extensions: The Movie

I'm not a horror movie guy. I have a few favorites (Jaws, Halloween, Re-Animator), but by and large, I avoid them; I'm just too squemish. However, this movie, or at least its trailer, has my attention.

Ekusute, or Hair Extensions, is a Japanese horror film released in 2007, that is about, well, killer hair. That and some creepy old dude. Here is the oh-so-disturbing trailer (if you're freaked out by homicidal hair, viewer discretion is advised):

I'm sorry, but that's just f'ed up.

For a little more explanation, here is the film's IMDB entry:

And on that creepy, bizarre note, I announce that I'll be leaving for a short vacation to the Jersey Shore this week, so I won't be posting again until next Sunday night or Monday. If you need a Me and You fix before then, simply check out my archives and rediscover, or discover for the first time, some fun stuff of the past.

And when I do return, I'll be bringing back the superhero theme, this time to welcome the Dark Knight (or should I say, The Dark Knight). Get ready to dance the Batusi and wear your Underoos. I'm particularly excited by this because I will using this theme to usher in a new regular feature to the blog that I hope will last beyond the Bat-blogging. Sound exciting? Stay tuned!

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