Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Philadelphia Local TV Commercials

Today is one dedicated to my fellow Philadelphians. The city is very rich in history, and that includes broadcasting history, one of my favorite subjects. Besides the great stations and personalities that made their way here, even local TV commercials have become popular and well remembered. Here is a sample of some fun commercials Philly folk should remember fondly.

Having car trouble? Try visiting Jimmie's Used Auto Parts, "Home of the happy auto parts!"

"Hey, where did everybody go?" They've gone to Betson's!" Betson's Furniture, that is!

Before moving that Betson's furniture into the house, make sure you first lay down carpet from Big Marty's. Big Marty sells carpets...cheaper!

A great blast from the past for Philadelphia residents is the memory of Frank's sodas. Here is a famous commercial from the 80s that supposedly features Patty Smyth performing. I don't know if that's really her or not; I'll let you be the judge.

Closing out today's post the way we began, with a car maintenance commercial, here is "The Boss's Wife" for Atlantic Transmission. "Don't get frantic; call Atlantic!"
Do you have any suggestions? Let me know in the comments section or at phillyradiogeek@gmail.com and I'll try my best to find them!


Atif Raza said...

Unlucky Pappu | Funny Video | Must Watch

I loved this ! Who does this remind you of ... lol.
Watch Now.!! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cw9Kj1pvcJw

Bruce Hershey said...

Now that's really blast from the past! I also grew up with TV commercials and I still remember most of them! During my teen years in Calgary, some of the tunes used in these ads were so memorable that I think I can still sing to them right now!

Speedy said...

Yes, that is indeed Patty Smythe, soon to be of Scandal fame, doing the Franks ad. It used to get played during Phillies games in the mid-70s. Before that, they had the "Frank's flavors your fun, Flavor City" ads.

Not to mention Phils second baseman Dave Cash doing Triple Cola ads. "I'll take a triple anytime."

You are a bit younger than me, and may not recall the old Sonny Stein "hole in the head deals" ads from the late 60s/early 70s. I'd love to see one of those.

How about Matt Slap Prince of Wheels ads? Or Schmidt's, "one beautiful beer." Or the Ortlieb's "Joe's Beer" ads of the 1970s. Good stuff. Thanks for posting such wonderful Philly memories.

Anonymous said...

This is great and makes me homesick. How about the IDEAL commercial "Take the wheel of your automobile and swing on down to I-Deal?". And Krass Bros. with the guy jumping on the mattresss. Also D-U-N-S-T-A-N: Dunstan McKlusty, the one plubmer to call?

Phillyradiogeek said...

Anon: thanks! I have a separate article with nothing but Krass Bros. commercials right here: http://meandyouandablognamedboo.blogspot.com/2010/07/krass-brothers-tv-commercials.html

I've looked high and low for Ideal commercials, but have only found the audio jingle on YouTube. I'm not familiar with Dunstan plumbing, I'll have to look that up!


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