Monday, July 19, 2010

WKBS TV Channel 48 Philadelphia Part 2

One of my most successful posts on the blog is my article about the late and lamented Philadelphia TV station, WKBS Channel 48.  No matter what I'm currently blogging about, this article is always in the top two or three most read articles at any given time.  As demand for information on the station continues, and as it's been over two years since I wrote the last article, it's high time I featured Channel 48 again.  So without further ado, here goes!

Here are a couple of quick voiceovers between programs.  The second clip is credited to Don Rose, a legendary radio DJ who voiced all of the Field TV stations, but I'm not sure it's him in this case.  The voice sounds a bit high, but his inflections are there.

Going back even before I was born, here are some audio airchecks of promos from 1970. This is before Kaiser Broadcasting and Field Communications merged.

Don't miss Sanford & Son tomorrow night at 7:30!

Next is a news brief (featuring future KYW Newsradio anchor Pat Farnack) and even an editorial, something TV stations rarely do anymore.

Finally, here are a few clips edited from viewings of Channel 48's 8:00 movie that aired on weeknights, including station promos and various commercials.

Here is another blog dedicated exclusively to Kaiser/Fleids stations.  Unfortunately, it hasn't been updated in a few years, but the material that is there is good stuff.



Internet business at home automated system said...
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Bill D. said...

I was wondering why all their fonts and idents looked familiar. Turns out the same company owned one of the great UHF/cable superstations of my youth, Boston's WLVI Channel 56!

Did WKBS air shows like the Creature Double Feature, too?

Phillyradiogeek said...

They certainly did, every Saturday afternoon. It was a great way to continue watching TV after the Saturday morning cartoons on the networks were done for the day.

As you said, WLVI and WKBS were both Field stations. Wasn't LVI also attached to Boston College in some way?

Todd Mason said...

No, that wasn't WLVI that was the ex-BC station, it was the current Ion station group in Boston that was the former Boston University station for most of the 1990s, as WABU (now WBPX, from the former Pax network tagging for all the stations now served, and most owned, by Ion).

Brian used to do the network logging for the pre-Ion Pax for TV GUIDE and its products.

TM linking to CREATURE DF said...

A CREATURE DOUBLE FEATURE tribute site, no less...

Hit the hotlink on my initials...

Phillyradiogeek said...

Yes that's right, I knew it was one of the smaller UHFs that was connected to a college.

As for the CDF site, AWESOME! Thanks!


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