Friday, July 16, 2010

Philadelphia Radio Station TV Commercials

Putting my abilities to beat a dead horse to the test, here are yet more Philadephia local TV commercials, this time for Philly radio stations.  There's something ironic about radio stations advertising on TV, but I believe it's integral for a successful radion station.  Here are some great ones, some for statioins still around, others for stations long put to rest.

The beautiful music format tried to make a comeback in teh market in the early 90s on 560 Am, WISH, sister station to B101-FM, a station which formerly held the format.

Speaking of B101, it was known as Easy 101 in its old format. Here it is now, (among some other TV station promos and commercials).

Here a young woman speaks the praises of Hot AC station Star 104.5. It is now alt-rock station Radio 104.5.

For you rockers out there, here are two spots for 94 WYSP, still a rock station today.

Here's a clip for WIOQ, which was then an AOR station, now a CHR.

After this format, it was an oldies station for a year or so, and a very good one, too.

Speaking of oldies (my favorite format), here are spots for WOGL Oldies 98, still on the air today...

...and WFIL, 560 AM. Today it's a Christian talk format.

"Rock on, Philly!"

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Danni70 said...

hi, i don't know if it's just my computer or not, but i am not able to see or access any of the posted video and audio clips for the local tv and radio commercials. the only one that was visible to me with the "play arrow" working was the Boss's wife. All of the others appear merely as a large blacked-out box. i neglected to check to see what the current date and time stamp is for this site, so i do not know if maybe it's not active and hasn't been "manned" in a while? hopefully it is still active - i have really been thinking about some of those commercials and it really made me smile so wide i felt like my face was going to crack - the #1 commercial i had specifically in mind was literally the first commercial that was listed - for Betson's Furniture! I was disappointed to not be able to see this, and the many others!


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