Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Tastykake TV Commercials

In a similar vein to yesterday's post featuring Philly local TV commercials, today I present more commercials all from one Philly institution: The Tasty Baking Company, makers of Tastykakes--the best snack cakes EVER!! I grew up--and grew wide--on their delicious cakes, and these commericals helped contribute to their popularity.

To start off, here is a commercial featuring the classic jingle. I'm not the boy featured, but I might as well have been!

Next is an animated commerical I don't remember, but it's cute and has a late 70s/early 80s charm to it.

Here, kids enjoy some great Tastykakes, and learn the penalties in hockey as well. During Flyers broadcasts back in the day, when a Flyer scored, he "scored for a case of Tastykake!"

Here is a set of several various commercials that includes one Tastykake spot. What interests me about this clip: it aired on a Washington D.C. station! I didn't know they were sold that far south of Philly.

Finally, what may be the most interesting commercial of the set. Not only is it in great shape for being over 30 years old, it features a celebrity endorsement from none other than--Betty White! How the hell did that happen?

I think I'll go home and enjoy a good Tatykake right now!


Todd Mason said...

No, you see, the best package cakes ever were Drake's...because they were what I liked as a kid...but it remains notable how much better both Drakes and TastyKake remain compared to Hostess (grosstest).

Todd Mason said...

And Little Debris.

superfan51 Dale Hein said...

the litte Flyers commercial woth the Voice over by Gene Hart is priceless. Tastykake will always be the best. This brought a tear to my eye, Thanks.

Bruce Hershey said...

Tastykake sure brings a lot of memories in my mind. It brings me back to the time when I was a kid growing up in Philly. The best treats during those days are found on the shop across the corner- Tastykake.

The popularity of a brand like Tastykake is acquired through extensive branding. Infomercial marketing companies then and now, uses creative strategies to enhance the reputation of certain brand. In most parts of the world and in Toronto, TV commercials are used because of their expansive reach.

Interesting post. Thanks!

Atif Raza said...

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I loved this ! Who does this remind you of ... lol.
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