Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Tuesday's Forgotten Film: The Terror of Frankenstein

Tuesday is a great day to blog, because I get to showcase a cool pick for Tuesday's Forgotten/Overlooked film, TV, or audio.  As this is the last full week of the Countdown to Halloween, I have a great treat for you today: the 1977 European film The Terror of Frankenstein.

Frankenstein films are a dime a dozen, some fantastic (the 1931 classic) and the, in my opinion, not so fantastic (Frankenstein Unbound--bleh!).  Today I have a great one.  What makes it so is that it is closely faithful to Mary Shelley's novel, which is one of my alltime favorite books ever.

To enjoy this one, you should put aside your preconceived notions of the monster as a flat-headed, speechless ogre (as awesome as the Boris Karloff incarnation is, don't get me wrong).  This is a monster that is eloquent, deep-thinking, and as emotionally tortured as Hamlet or any other literary figure, and he's wonderfully presented here.  Please enjoy, free and legal, the entire film below.

For more great forgotten films, TV, and more from the past, click here.  Thanks!


Todd Mason said...

I haven't watched yet, but that sounds very much like a more faithful version to the novel, where the Behemoth was quite lucid (and vengeful).

Phillyradiogeek said...

Indeed. More of a drama than a horror film, and it works very well.


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