Thursday, February 16, 2012

Saturday Morning Previewed: ABC, Fall 1982

A few weeks back, I presented an edition of Saturday Morning Recreated that focused on the lineup for ABC in the fall of 1982. In researching that article, I came across a great treat.

In addition to advertising the kids' lineups in comic books and other places back in the day, the networks also created prime time preview specials of the upcoming lineups as well. Here, including commercials, is the special ABC created to promote the very same lineup I featured last month. How 80s is it?  It's hosted by Dick Clark on the American Bandstand set with guest stars Willie Tyler and Lester.

You remember Willie Tyler and Lester, don't you?

There's no mistaking the fact that ABC had their hopes pinned on the Pac-Man cartoon to help it's lineup succeed, as Pac-Man is clearly the star of this show. The very name of the special itself is "Pac Preview Party." The voice of Pac-Man, the late Marty Engels, makes an appearance later in the special.

The sad thing? I remember almost everything about this special when it aired that one time in 1982!

I hope you enjoy. If you like this, I'll keep a lookout for more of these specials. Thanks!

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