Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Tuesday's Forgotten Film: Frequency

It's a Tuesday after a nice long weekend--I hope you enjoyed yours. If so, let's keep the good feeling going with a Forgotten Film. This week, I present the Dennis Quad/James Caviezel film Frequency.

Caviezel plays John Sullivan, a New York City cop and son of a firefighter (Quaid) who died on the job back in 1969. Sullivan finds an old shortwave radio his dad used often, and after turning it on one night, finds he is able to communicate with his father in the past. Sullivan warns his father about the impending accident and saves his life, but in a strange butterfly effect, the change of events leads to his mother's murder! Father and son in turn work together across decades to prevent the murder before it's too late.

My brief summary doesn't quite give the complex story justice. Suffice it to say that the main themes of the movie are the bond between father and son and the different paths our lives can take just by making one choice over another. Performances are strong and the story solid, as long as you have a generous suspension of disbelief. The ending is particularly satisfying!

If you're curious, check out the entire film right here. For more overlooked film, TV, and music gems, read Todd Mason's blog here.Thanks!


Tom Badguy said...

This movie is, meh. Good page though.

Todd Mason said...

I like it better than the villain here, although it is a sentimental expression of a too-common trope in Hollywood films, the search for understanding/rapprochement between sons and fathers. However, it's a deft one. At times a funny one, too.


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