Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Tuesday's Overlooked TV Series: L.A. Doctors

It's been gone here for awhile, but Tuesday's Overlooked returns for its first appearance in 2014! This week, I take a look at the CBS medical drama L.A. Doctors.

The show's generic title just about says it all. It revolves around four doctors in downtown Los Angeles and the challenges they face running their practice in the face of patients with difficult conditions and societal conditions such as inadequate insurance coverage, urban decay, etc. They also face their own personal problems, both with each other and outside the practice. The main cast features thirtysomething alum Ken Olin and Twin Peaks' Laura Palmer, Sheryl Lee.

The show didn't exactly break new ground, but I found it interesting enough to watch its entire first and only season (1998-1999). The series aired on CBS Monday nights at 10pm, with tough competition from Monday Night Football.

The series has never been available on video as far as I can tell, and footage on the 'Net is sparse, but here are a couple of quick promos for the series. Thanks!


Todd Mason said...

I remember enjoying it as well, beyond the obvious advantage of being able to watch Sheryl Lee. Rather like a slightly more polished version of the kind of thing USA cable specializes in these days, and TNT as well.

Phillyradiogeek said...



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