Thursday, October 13, 2016

"Halloween Party" School Film Strip from 1953

This is a cute school film strip created by Encyclopedia Britannica in 1953 to show school kids the proper way to celebrate Halloween in postwar, pre-rock 'n' roll America. I love stuff like this. It's a window to an America that, for better or worse (or both ways at the same time) doesn't exist anymore, yet you can feel the Halloween in this. 

It really emcompasses a children's sense of Halloween, which is more about candy and costumes rather than pumpkin spice lattes and Hellraiser movies--nothing against those things, or course. I love the innocence of this, and it's a feeling that I look for every time Halloween returns. I wasn't around in 1953, but this film strip and things like it are what really tickle my Halloween nostalgia spot.


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