Friday, October 28, 2016

Vintage Halloween Party and Parade Footage

Guys. Halloween is, like...a few days away.


This is the last weekend before the big day! There's no time to waste. It's right now or wait 11 long months. Put the petal to the metal of your Dragula and get in gear!

But before I get to today's topic, some sad news.

Zacherley has died. If you're a fan of Halloween at all, you probably already know who Zacherley is, so I won't get into his life and history. As sad as this news is, you can't deny he's lead a long and fulfilling life, passing at a staggering 98 years old. He's so associated with his character, you almost expect him to keep on being Zacherley, as what is death to the undead? It seems kind of fitting that he would go at this time of year. Goodnight Zacherley, wherever you are!

We now return you to our regularly scheduled program.

With Halloween being this Monday, most Halloween parties will take place tonight and tomorrow night. If you're stuck on exactly what to wear and how to behave, simply take a few cues from the following footage of Halloween parties from the past. There's also a parade!

The first party is from 1956, and the second party and parade footage are from 1969. I don't know who any of these people are, but it's a lot of fun to see them having fun. I love old footage like this. It takes one back to a (supposedly) simpler time. It just give me the feels for so many reasons I don't have the time or words to expound upon now.

Enjoy! Please have a great and safe weekend! Party hardy! And I'll see you Monday for--*sniff*--the final post of this year's Countdown to Halloween!


Caffeinated Joe said...

Zacherly did lead a long and full life, so we should celebrate him. And yes, very fitting to go this time of year. Like he will always just be a part of the Halloween season now.

Hope you have a good, fun weekend! Enjoy!!!

stevenjared0853 said...

Loving all these Halloween party ideas. Went for a heritage function at one of the sea side located San Francisco venues last month. Stalls and food ideas were tempting. My daughter enjoyed a lot with her friends. Games and swings were the best features. Hoping to attend the next one soon.


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