Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Tuesday's Overlooked Film, "The Car"

The second installment of Tuesday's Overlooked Film in this year's Countdown to Halloween continues the theme of "killer cars" established last week with Christine by featuring the 1977 horror movie The Car.

The plot is pretty straightforward: a mysterious killer car is, well, killing people for no apparent reason in a small Southwestern town, and it's up to the newly installed sheriff (James Brolin) to stop it. End of plot!

The driverless car doesn't have an origin--it kills because it can. The only hint as it its origin is it's unwillingness to drive onto consecrated ground. Apparently, the devil likes to drive a 1971 Lincoln Continental. The car, by the way, was customized for the movie by legendary Hollywood car designer George Barris, who also designed the Batmobile for the 1966 Batman TV series and the Dragula for The Munsters.

Here is the movie's trailer. Seems like a good flick to put on so you can laugh at it for an hour or two. Thanks!

1 comment:

Caffeinated Joe said...

I enjoy this one. Sort of like Duel or more Jaws meets Duel.


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