Monday, October 10, 2016

Halloween TV Commercials 2016 Edition

We're already ten days into October, so the Halloween season will be over before we know it. Let's go full steam ahead into the Countdown from here on out.

Today I present my annual collection of Halloween TV commercials. Every commercial is either tied directly to Halloween or is at least in some way spooky, creepy, or even funny (in a spooky way). Roll that beautiful bean footage!

That's a gif of a skeleton juggling Funyuns, by the way.

Snickers has had several fun Halloween commercials in recent years. Here's another example!

In 1986 when this commercial aired, the influence of E.T. on popular culture was still in full force three years after its release. Here, an alien and an Elliot stand-in enjoy a bowl of Campbell's Soup.

Godzilla must be really parched, breathing fire all the time and whatnot. No wonder he wanted a Dr. Pepper so badly.

Back in the 90s, Pizza Hut let its pizza do the talking for itself--literally! Mr. Pizza Head was a staple of Pizza Hut advertising during that decade. Here is a Halloween-themed example.

This next commercial features two things that go perfectly with Halloween--Frankenstein and Reese's Cups.

The creatures in this commercial for Atari's Atlantis game don't play around!

Finally, the best Halloween commercials are often local commercials. They don't usually have the high production values of national commercials, but they more than make up for it in creativity and charm. A perfect example is this commercial for a company called iParty, based in New England. A spoof of old fashioned horror movies with a mad scientist, this commercial is funny and admirable for the length it goes to sell itself on a clearly small budget. I love it!



Caffeinated Joe said...

Some local stuff does have a better, smaller feel. I wish local stations still did like late night movies or whatever. We only really have Svengoolie now, carried nationwide on MeTV. I know, off topic. But you are right - Halloween will be here before we know it! Slow down October!

Phillyradiogeek said...

Indeed, Joe. At least we have our blogs to keep us in the Halloween spirit all year long!


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