Friday, September 30, 2011

DC Comics: More Quick Looks

This is the last week of the DC Comics relaunch, and what a month it's been! The move, whether considered good or bad by comics fans, is certainly a bold one, and only time will tell if it was the right one commercially. But as for the comics themselves, how did they turn out? Let's see!

This is the kind of experience you want from a Batman book!  Action, detective work, humor, intrigue, characterization, and a great cliffhanger.  A great #1 issue for new and longtime readers alike!  
Again, a great first issue for the most iconic of all superheroes.  Packed with both action and words--a whole, whole lot of words--I loved this one as well.  I enjoyed this much more than Action Comics. A great book!

Catwoman, while certainly not for the kids, was a fine first issue with gorgeous art from the excellent Guillem March.  I'm interested to see where Selina goes in this series.

Wonder Woman was a title I had great trepidation for, and it was warranted.  Despite writer Brian Azzarello's wish to write the title as a horror story, that's not what I want to see Diana involved in.  She's a superhero.  I'll be passing on this one.

I've never read an Aquaman comic before, but this was a fine one to start with.  Great art, and an Aquaman out to show both the humans in the story and real-life comic fandom that he's a DC big leaguer deserving of respect.  He's earned mine.

Voodoo #1 (image not available): an interesting issue to be sure, again with great art, but with so many comics out there, not one I'm on the edge of my seat to read any further.  Still, this is an interesting title for sci-fi fans.

Batman The Dark Knight #1 (image not available): See my review of Batman #1 above: think of the polar opposite and that's my review of this title.  The less said, the better.

That's the end of my look at the new DC Comics, and it's what I expected: a pretty mixed bag of great, awful, and in-between.  To decide for yourself, look for your local comic shop at or buy a digital copy for your eReader or Smartphone at

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