Thursday, November 4, 2010

And Now, A Public Service Announcement...

...from The Society to Let Everyone Know That God Hates Mopes.

God Hates Mopes!

Don’t support the lifestyle choice that depressives and sad-sacks choose to choose for their lifestyles!

Sad people wilt our crops!

Their tears deplete our precious bodily fluids, and lead to unnecessary shortages of the sports drinks WE ALL NEED to keep those fluids topped off!

Their medicines and headshrinking deplete our pocketbooks and wallets, if we’re men who don’t carry purses…the way mopey men sometimes do!

Look at them just moping over there! God Hates Mopes!

Don’t Mope!

The Society to Let Everyone Know That God Hates Mopes Approves of This Message.

Courtesy of Todd Mason and the Sweet Freedom blog.  Read about this PSA there.
The public service announcement you just read is an act of satire.  In the event of an actual PSA, stay tuned to this frequency for official information, news, or instructions.  This was only a test.  God really does hate mopes, though.  So don't be one.


Todd Mason said...

("It's not really that we think God hates mopes, so much as there's nothing else so much fun on an autumn day as to gather with a bunch of fellow congregants and go yell at mourners at a funeral. They deserve it, being all sad like that, when it's their own fault.")

Todd Mason said...

Sheryl Lee, btw (seeing the photo associated with your Other social media over there) is the only actor I could name when I saw WINTER'S BONE. She's very good in it, and they attempt to tone down her utter beauty a bit for the role she's playing. It doesn't quite work.

Lotta mopes in that film, to be sure.

Phillyradiogeek said...

She also plays Astrid Kirchherr, Stuart Sutcliffe's lover in BACKBEAT, a film about the Beatles Hamburg days (very well, I might add).

Wendy the (Very) Good Witch said...

Ha Ha...just say no to Mopes!


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