Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Links to Christmas Web Sites

If you're reading the blog this week, it means two thing:  you like Christmas, and you like the Internet.  And you know what?  They're two great tastes that go great together!  Here are some awesome Web sites to get you in the Christmas spirit.

First and foremost, I must give a shout-out to Santa's Working Overtime.  It is the first place to go for all your Christmas needs.  This blog does an amazing job combing through the finest holiday items on the 'Net and putting them in one place for your amusement and edification.  Whether it's Christmas music, recipes, articles, videos, or anything else you're looking for, you're sure to find something you'll like here.  This very blog is often cited there, and I'm extremely grateful and flattered to be featured there.  It won't disappoint!

Also at the top of the list is FaLaLaLaLa.com, hosted by the King of Jingaling (a fantastic name!).  This blog deals primarily in the discussion of Xmas music, but features other sugar plums as well.  Like Santa's Working Overtime, this one is featured in my blog list to the right, and I'm linked there as well.

I'd be shocked if you're not already familiar with Ernie (Not Bert), but this blog is one of the finest and longest running sites for Christmas material.  Although not exclusively Christmas themed, the depth of Christmas stuff here is virtually unmatched anywhere else.

Another great site specifically for music is Stubby's House of Christmas, a brand new blog that covers almost every new Christmas music release out there.  You don't need to search endlessly by yourself to find the latest and obscure Christmas releases--Stubby's done the work for you.  A great site!

Speaking of new music releases, add Mistletunes to your list of must-see sites.  They specialize in what they define as "rock'n'roll Christmas music," meaning music by contemporary artists rather than the usual Bing Crosby/Johnny Mathis/Perry Como stuff.  Again, this is another great site to find Christmas music that's off the beaten path.

A time-honored holiday tradition is the tracking of Santa's Christmas Eve ride by the government organization NORAD.  Keep dibs on ol' St. Nick here.

A site that I've enjoyed for almost a decade is Xmasfun.com.  There are plenty of articles, games, and free downloads for the whole family to enjoy.  I especially like the Christmas Lights computer program that puts festive lights on your computer desktop, even in front of other programs you're using.  Try it out!

Finally, if you're a member of Generation X (like me), you have to check out X-Entertainment.com.  Operated by a hardcore Gen-Xer, you'll find plenty of post-Boomer Christmas fun there.

If you know of any other great Christmas sites, please let me know in the comment section.  Merry Clicksmas, er, Christmas!

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