Friday, November 5, 2010

eToys TV Commercials From the Late 1990s

As I write this, Christmas is only 49 days away.  Trust me, those days will go by fast!  Now is the time to start your holiday shopping, if you haven't started already (I haven't).  If you have children, one place you may want to check out is  Remember them?

They first started in the late 90s during the Internet boom at the time--only to go into bankruptcy during the Internet bust of the early 2000s.  Today they exist as an Internet subsidiary of Toys R Us.  However, when they first debuted, they had very memorable and charming TV commercials, using the version of "Over The Rainbow/What a Wonderful World" by the late Israel "IZ" Kamakawiwo`ole.  I love the warmth portrayed in each of these commercials.  They're moments every parent strives to create for their children.  I hope you feel the same way about these commercials whether you have children or not.  Enjoy!

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folksy kath (marshmuffin) said...

These almost brought tears to my eyes! I remember every one of them, plus the bumper that always aired before PBS's "Between the Lions," with the mom and daughter reading the ZaZa book by Lucy Cousins (perhaps more famous for her Maisy stories).

Why can't we still have some of the magic of the late 90s? I ponder this often.


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