Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Thanksgiving TV Commericals 2010 Edition

Moving on in our countdown to Thanksgiving, I have yet another post with TV commercials.  Everyone complains about too many commercials on TV, yet articles about commercials are some of my highest rated on the blog.

First up, another fun commercial for Carvel ice cream cakes.  This one lacks the muffled yet charming voice of the late company founder Frank Carvel, but it's enjoyable nonetheless.

Next, three great ones for Jennie-O turkey products.  In this first one, it may be a turkey, but you better learn to duck!

Make sure you don't leave your wristwatch in there.

Do not, and I mean in the name of all that's holy, do NOT thaw your turkey this way!

Finally, another charming ad for Rice Krispy Treats, much like the Halloween one I love so much. Unfortunately, this one is mislabeled on YouTube as a Christmas commercial.

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