Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Homecoming 2008: It's Your First Kiss, Charlie Brown

Now is the time of year when high schools and colleges begin having their homecoming weekends, involving parades, homecoming queens, and football. Yet another sign of the new fall season. Some schools have their's as early as now and as late as mid-October. I decided to have a homecoming for the blog in my own unique way. And here it is.

It's Your First Kiss, Charlie Brown premiered on CBS Monday, October 24th, 1977. Charlie Brown is an escort for his school's homecoming queen, who turns out to be none other than his lifelong love, the little red-haired girl. Terrified of the prospect of making a bad impression on the girl he loves, especially after being erroneously blamed for losing the homecoming game, Charlie Brown soldiers on anyway in his duties as escort with surprising results.

I've only seen this special a few times when it first began airing, but I had a read-along book and record set of the special that I listened to hundreds of times, so this special is a particular favorite of mine (although I can say that about a lot of these specials, being the huge Peanuts fan I am).


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