Monday, October 27, 2008

Tales From The Darkside, "A Case of The Stubborns"

Well, so much for my post-every-day-until-Halloween pledge. Sorry I've gotten lax the last few days, but matters personal and business have taken away blogging time. I still have a couple of Halloween goodies to share until the big day this Friday, so let's get right to it!

Today I offer an episode of Tales From The Darkside, a horror anthology TV series syndicated in the 1980s. Each week this series presented a horror tale with a different cast of characters. One of the executive producers was George Romero, creator of the flesh-eating zombie subgenre of horror.

In this episode, "A Case of the Stubborns," a woman and her son deal with the death of their father/grandfather. Only thing is, the stubborn old coot refuses to believe he's dead and continues to walk around as if nothing is wrong! The mother and son takes measures to prove to the old man that he's deader than a doornail--and boy do they give it to him!


Ep 109- A Case Of The Stubborns
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Todd Mason said...

Brian! You fail to credit my lifelong hero, writer Robert Bloch, always most famous for PSYCHO, who wrote the fine short story this is based one. You need to read that short story.

Todd Mason said...

Also, "stubborns." Thanks for digging it out!