Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Tuesday's Forgotten TV: The Great Santa Claus Switch

Five days left! Gotta keep things moving, and I do so with this week's Tuesday's Forgotten, a TV special that aired as an episode of The Ed Sullivan Show.

"The Great Santa Claus Switch" aired on December 20, 1970 (exactly 41 years ago today!) in Sullvan's time slot, but Sullivan gave the entire hour over to the Muppets, who had been a hit on Sullivan's show and were becoming even more high profile as Sesame Street had been a big hit for the past year. In the special, Santa is kidnapped by an evil wizard named Cosmo Scam, who plans to masquerade as Santa to steal from people's homes. Both Santa and Cosmo were played by Art Carney. The special is also notable as it features an early incarnation of Gonzo (names Snarl in this special) and Thog, a giant blue Muppet who appears in the opening credits of each episode of The Muppet Show (and has a cameo in the new Muppet movie).

Please enjoy this early Muppet extravaganza. Thanks!

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