Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Christmas Knight Movie Trailer

This is a project that I heard about back in August on the pop culture Web Site Geek Tyrant, and I've saved it all this time just for the blog. Christmas Knight is a movie project by British filmmakers Jessica Capasso and Mike Hill that they hope to make into a full-length film. Although a full film has not yet been made, they have a completed script ready to go and have created a four-minute trailer demonstrating their concept for the movie.

Evil aliens have made contact with Earth, threatening total destruction if humanity doesn't send its strongest hero to fight their alien champion. After an exhaustive search, someone is finally chosen--Santa Claus. He's reluctant at first, but with some prodding from Mrs. Claus, he trains to become the hero Earth needs to fight the alien menace. It's a pretty cool concept, and the trailer is intriguing and well done.

It would totally be better than Santa Claus Conquers the Martians.

Here is the official Web site for the project, and the trailer is below. Dig the awesome Batmobile-style sleigh that looks like Rudolph, right down to a pair of antlers and a red "nose" at the end of it, and the cool superhero duds Santa wears. Nicely done! Enjoy!

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