Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Tuesday's Overlooked Film: Near Dark

This week's day-late Tuesday's Overlooked Film is the 1987 horror film Near Dark.

Near Dark stars Adrian Pasdar as Oklahoma ranch hand Caleb, who makes a move on an unfamiliar girl named Mae (Jenny Wright) one night, and the two hit it off immediately. As it turns out, the sweet but mysterious Mae is a vampire, and Caleb is unwittingly turned into a creature of the night himself. Later that morning, as he's rushing back to his home, where his veterinarian father and young sister are waiting for him, he is picked up by Mae's "family," a group of vampires who revel in their evil natures. Will Caleb join this band of ruthless vampires to stay with the girl he loves, or will he fight them and his newfound "condition" to reclaim the life he once knew?

Near Dark is a film I'd heard about off and on the last few years and received positive reviews, so when it came on cable TV a couple of weeks ago, I took a chance on it. The film, directed by Oscar-winning director Kathryn Bigelow (The Hurt Locker), is an interesting take on a tried and true subgenre of horror, with dark humor to spare. One particularly unique perspective the film takes is the concept of vampires being unfamiliar in the film's universe. Caleb and his family are completely perplexed at the motivations and abilities of the vampires they encounter, as the idea of such is not present in the film's culture as it is in reality; the word "vampire" is never spoken by anyone. This makes the fear and confusion by the humans more intense.

Plus, Evil Bill Paxton.

The film is a favorite among a majority of diehard horror fans, and is readily available on DVD and Blu-Ray. Here is the film's trailer. Enjoy!


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