Monday, March 27, 2023

Bugs Bunny, "Wackiki Wabbit" (1943)

Hello all! I'm posting a favorite Bugs Bunny cartoon of mine today for no other reason than I really love it. Possibly one of my favorite Bugs cartoons! I've been enjoying the Saturday Morning Cartoons block on network MeTV for a while now. Highly recommended for those who grew up enjoying these classic cartoons.



Todd Mason said...

I think I might like their cartoon block better w/o the host segments. Though among my early exposures to such things was Manchester, NH, long-term morning kids' show host "Uncle Gus", who, even by 1969 when we moved to the Boston area about the time I had passed my 5th birthday, clearly could barely give a rat's arse about anything he was doing...and as such, seemed less goofy than "astronaut" "Major Mudd" on the Boston station. You ever take in the Saturday Matinees on TCM?

Phillyradiogeek said...

Hi Todd! Sadly I no longer have TCM since Xfinity made it a premium channel rather than a basic channel. I'd love to have it back. I'm seriously considering a switch to Verizon Fios at the end of my Xfinity contract in June; maybe that will get me TCM back.

I don't get to see the hosted cartoons during the week, but I usually catch at least some of the unhosted ones on Saturday mornings. Even if the hosted stuff sometimes falls flat with me, I appreciate that someone is at least giving it a try. Major props to MeTV for going all in on the classic TV format (and presumably having success with it!).