Thursday, February 28, 2008

Classic Burger King Commercials

After writing two posts about McDonald's commercials, I thought I'd give equal time to one of their main competitors, Burger King. They've always been the #2 chain compared to Mickey D's (or maybe lower these days), but they are a tasty alternative when I'm arched out. Let's get to it!

I don't remember ever seeing these commercials, so it's likely they were only shown for a short time before 1980, but here are two animated commercials featuring a short and clean-shaven king. Coincidentally enough, I did see his likeness on a BK bag when I was there a couple of weeks ago (remember, I'm fat).

Now THESE are the Burger King commercials I gew up with. I'm surprised they don't resurrect them. This is the time in which the King design used today originated from. Like McDonald's, there was a full cast of characters touting BK products. Here are a few examples (BK commercials with these characters are surprisingly scarce on the 'Net).

Doesn't the King look a bit like Will Ferrel in this disco-themed commercial? I'm waiting for him to demand more cowbell!

Here are a few commercials that are aimed at adults. Boy, those hats were ugly!

Boy, this commercial is sappy!

Aren'tcha hungry? Well, aren'tcha? Well, AREN'TCHA???! Actually, that chicken parm sandwich does look pretty good.

Burger King even managed to discover up and coming talent for their ads.

Andrew McCarthy and future Oscar winner Elisabeth Shue:

Emmanuel Lewis (although he may have already been on Webster at the time):

And future vampire slayer Sarah Michelle Gellar:

Finally, these Return of the Jedi glasses rocked! I have a friend who still has these:

OK, I think I have the fast food thing out of my system for a while.

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