Monday, November 7, 2011

Tuesday's Forgotten TV: Tales of the Tinkerdee

 This week's Tuesday's Forgotten is, I admit, a bit of a cheat, as the TV program I'm showcasing this week never even aired.

Tales of the Tinkerdee was an unaired pilot created in 1962 by Jim Henson and starring the Muppets.  The show is set in the medieval land of Tinkerdee and involves the birthday party of the land's princess and a witch's plan to crash the party when she is uninvited.  The only Muppet character that is instantly recognizable is Kermit (not yet a frog and not going by that name here) appearing as a minstrel/Greek chorus, but the king and witch characters would be used in later Muppets TV specials.

Here, in glorious black and white, is Tales of the Tinkerdee.  Enjoy!


Todd Mason said...

Not hardly a "cheat," Brian...a pilot that wasn't picked up is Definitely overlooked, though I think this one has (unsurprisingly) been released on DVD.

I hope you dig my mild attempt at recreating THE INTERNATIONAL FESTIVAL OF ANIMATION for my entry this week...and hope you've given BORGEN a try...

Lone Wolf said...

Cool! Thanks for this.