Wednesday, November 28, 2018

November's Underappreciated Music: The Jive Turkeys, "Get Down Santa," "Funky Jesus"

If the Andy Williams Christmas Show I posted this Monday is a little too white-bread for your taste, you may enjoy this month's Underappreciated Music. This is a monthly, multi-blog feature curated by my friend and fellow blogger Todd Mason at his site Sweet Freedom. Check it out for more great underappreciated tunes!

My offerings for November are two retro-styled soul numbers by a group that calls themselves The Jive Turkeys, out of Cincinnati, Ohio. Here are two Christmas-themed soul instrumentals from the band, "Get Down Santa" and "Funky Jesus." When I first heard these tunes a couple of years ago, I thought for sure these were recorded in the late 60s. Imagine my surprise when I learned these were 21st century creations!

You can find more retro soul from the Jive Turkeys and other artists at record label Colemine Records.