Monday, April 24, 2023

Saturday Supercade: Donkey Kong, "How Much Is That Gorilla in the Window"

The Super Mario Brothers Movie is majorly cleaning up at box offices worldwide. It's been the number one movie for three weeks in a row and has quickly become one of the biggest animated movies of all time. But this isn't the first time Mario has appeared in animated form. Far from it! His first animated appearance was 40 years ago!

Saturday Supercade was a Saturday morning cartoon show that appeared on CBS from the fall of 1983 to the spring of 1985. The program consisted of several animated shorts featuring various popular video game characters. Donkey Kong led off each hour, and like the video game, featured the gorilla Donkey Kong racing off with Mario's girlfriend Pauline, with Mario himself in hot pursuit.

In honor of the new movie, I present the OG animated Mario for historical purposes. Please note that these cartoons weren't actually good, but I feature it today anyway just to show how far Mario has come.


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