Monday, January 10, 2011

Mazinger Z Original Cartoon Series Translated into English

Almost a year ago, I posted an article mentioning the cartoon series Tranzor Z, which aired in the mid-80s on American television.  This was a translation of the original Japanese series Mazinger Z with the storyline and character names altered for American audiences.

However, back in the early 70s, an American translation of the series aired briefly with the original storyline and character names intact.  It is that earlier, more faithful translation I feature today; in fact, it's the very first episode.  I'm seeing this for the very first time, so I'm really excited.  Enjoy!

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Lauryn Purtee said...

I never thought that there was a more faithful english translation of Mazinger Z. Watching this sure brings back memories. Back in the old days, I used to watch this every week with my friends. And I wonder if I can re-watch the whole series again.