Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Tuesday's Forgotten Film: Three O'Clock High

Hello everyone!  I hope you all had a great summer and Labor Day weekend.  Now it's time to get back to business, back to work, and back to school.  Speaking of which, I'm unofficially declaring it Back to School Week here at the blog.  My two young ones are starting their new school year today, and my teacher wife was back in the classroom last Thursday, so there's no better time to focus on all things scholastic than this week, and we start today with the Forgotten Film Three O'Clock High.

The movie follows high schooler Jerry Mitchell (Casey Siemaszko) as he begins a day of school poorly which only gets worse, when he ticks off the new student bully, Buddy Revell (Richard Tyson), who threatens to beat the crap out of Jerry at three o'clock that afternoon.  The meek Jerry wants nothing to do with the altercation and tries a variety of methods to avoid it, from reasoning with Buddy, to getting himself detention, to hiring someone else to fight Buddy for him, all to no avail.  Jerry has no choice but to face the tyrant himself.  Who wins? Who loses? You'll need to watch to find out.

Fortunately, unlike many other Forgotten Films/TV I've written about in the past, Three O'Clock High is readily available on DVD and Netflix streaming.

Or, you can simply watch it here:

I'll have more back to school goodness all week, so please come back tomorrow.  For more Forgotten A/V, click here.  Thanks!

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