Friday, June 15, 2012

List O' Links for Friday 6/15/12

I haven't posted a List O' Links in awhile, so let me rectify that problem now. Surf away!

I posted my own tribute to the Incredible Hulk in honor of his 50th anniversary previously, but the LA Times Hero Complex created their own fine tribute as well

Speaking of tributes, Histories of Things to Come has a touching one in honor of late astronomer Jack Horkeimer.

For fans of both old time radio or science fiction, here is a collection of episodes of the great 50s sci-fi radio program X Minus One.

His name is Shawn Robare, and he's a mechanical pencil addict. "Hi Shawn!"

A vending machine that prints and sells a book on the spot? Why not!

Lastly, Laurel and Hardy made fantastically funny films, yet they sometimes ended on a bizarre note. Tom Ruegger of Cartoonatics shows just how bizarre.

Have a great weekend!

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