Wednesday, June 20, 2012

So there was this time I hosted Jaws Week...

Today is the 37th anniversary of one of my all-time favorites movies, JAWS, and with Todd Mason bringing my defense of JAWS 2 to attention via Tuesday's Forgotten/Overlooked last week, I want to remind you about my JAWS Week event I held back in 2010 for the film's 35th anniversary.

I devoted an entire week of the blog to articles about the movie in particular and sharks in general, specifically about how the film affected pop culture. My article about JAWS movie posters is one of the most popular articles I've written here. With today also being the first official day of summer this year, I thought it apropos to mention JAWS Week again. I had a lot of fun writing those articles, and I hope you have fun reading them.

To access my JAWS Week articles, and all of my JAWS-related posts on the blog, click on the JAWS label along the right of the blog or simply click here. There are some deleted videos here and there, but I'm working on updating those as I write this.


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