Thursday, November 9, 2017

Holiday List O' Links 2017 Edition

Thanksgiving is exactly two weeks away as I write this, and while many don't like to celebrate the holidays before their time, it's still smart to at least begin holiday preparations now. And that's what these links are all about!

Below are some holidays happenings you may want to work into your seasonal calendar. Take a look!

Reba McIntyre hosts this year's CMA Country Christmas celebration on ABC Monday, November 27th.

Pepsi is releasing a Christmas cake-flavored soda for the holidays. But only in Japan. And it tastes like strawberry shortcake. Because that's what Christmas cake is in Japan. The more you know!

Your favorite TV network and mine, MeTV, is airing blocks of Christmas episodes of their series every Sunday afternoon between now and Christmas. Set your DVRs!

Horror fans sorry to see their favorite season over can take solace in a new Christmas horror movie this year, The Elf. You better watch out!

Elvis Presley fans like myself can rejoice! There is a new album of Elvis Christmas classics remixed with performances by the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra. The regular edition has been available since October 6th, and a deluxe edition will be released Friday, November 24th.

My other favorite music act also has a history of classic Christmas recordings, although of a different kind.

Finally, SiruxXM satellite radio announces their holiday music lineup for 2017.

I hope to have more holiday links for you throughout the season. Thanks! Have a great weekend!


Caffeinated Joe said...

Great bunch of stuff to kick things into gear!

The MeTV Sunday Christmas episodes are gonna be on my DVR, for sure. And I already messaged my nephew, who was just stationed in Japan, to look out for the weird Christmas Pepsi.

Here's to a great season ahead!

Bob Johns said...

I lost my MeTv source and it sickens me :( it has to be the greats channel ever. Strawberry Shortcake soda sounds good, to be honest.